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  • Proposed New Accounting Standards for P3s in Canada Raises Concerns

    The Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) of Certified Public Accountants (CPA) has developed new requirements for recognizing, measuring and classifying infrastructure procured through a public-private partnership. CCPPP has drafted a detailed response to encourage the adoption of standards that strike a fair and balanced approach to the P3 model.

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  • P3 Daily Reporter from P3 2019

    Read about the latest industry news, P3 snapshots, the cost of aging infrastructure and more - published at the 27th Annual CCPPP Conference

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  • Les études de cas sur les prix nationaux du CCPPP 2018 sont disponibles

    Détails du projet The Quad de l'Université York, du projet de remplacement du pont de la route de banlieue nord et du pont routier à Saskatoon et du projet de transmission à 500 kV de Fort McMurray West

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