CSEC Long-Term Accommodation Project PDF
CSEC Long-Term Accommodation Project PDF
Detailed case study of the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) Long-Term Accommodation Project, the recipient of the 2011 CCPPP National Silver Award for Project Financing.

Communication Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) provides the Government of Canada with foreign signals intelligence in support of defence and foreign policy and the protection of electronic information and communication. CSEC’s P3 agreement with Plenary Properties LTAP LP requires the private partner to design, build, finance, operate and maintain select services, including the fully committed IT solution over the 30-year contract, while meeting the national cryptologic agency’s highly classified and technical standards. The project’s innovative financing earned its bond offering an “A” from international rating agencies.

This 20-page case study provides details on the elements that made this project the 2011 Silver Award Winner in Project Financing. Information on the project includes: quick facts, procurement process, structure of the agreement, financial arrangements, risk allocation, benefits, communications, labour, testimonials and partner contacts.
Published: 06/2012; 20 pages.
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