Surrey Pretrial Services Centre PDF
Surrey Pretrial Services Centre PDF
Detailed case study of the Surrey Pretrial Services Centre Expansion Project in British Columbia, the recipient of the 2011 CCPPP National Gold Award for Project Financing.

The partnership between British Columbia’s Minister of Labour, Citizens' Services and Open Government and Brookfield Infrastructure Partnerships Surrey is providing the Surrey Pretrial Services Centre with 216 high-security inmate cells in six new living units, renovations to the existing 149 cells, and long-term facility maintenance services. Part of B.C.’s largest single investment in corrections facilities in more than half a century, the project is funded through an innovative mix of public and private financing.

This 27-page case study provides details on the elements that made this project the 2011 Gold Award Winner in Project Financing. Information on the project includes: quick facts, procurement process, structure of the agreement, financial arrangements, risk allocation, benefits, communications, labour, testimonials and partner contacts.
Published: 06/2012; 27 pages.
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