Greater Sudbury Biosolids Management Facility PDF
Greater Sudbury Biosolids Management Facility PDF
Detailed case study of the Greater Sudbury Biosolids Management Facility, the 2013 Chuck Wills Award winner.

After 30 years of disposing of its sewage sludge in nearby mining tailing ponds, the City of Greater Sudbury partnered with N-Viro Systems Canada LP to find a more environmentally sustainable solution;
the Biosolids Management Facility will also generate a value-added product to be used in agriculture and mining reclamation. Sudbury’s first P3 and the first P3 biosolids project in Canada using the PPP Canada
funding structure. Lessons learned from its integration of small and medium-sized local design and construction partners can be applied to similar P3 municipal projects across the country. The Chuck Wills Award is presented to outstanding municipal P3 projects in memory of the former CAO of the City of Windsor, who was a steadfast supporter of P3 and a CCPPP Board member.

This 26-page case study provides details on the elements that made this project the 2013 Chuck Wills Award winner. Information on the project includes: quick facts, procurement process, structure of the agreement, financial arrangements, risk allocation, benefits, communications, labour, monitoring, testimonials and partner contacts.
Published: 06/2014; 26 pages.
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