Elgin County Courthouse - Hard Copy
Elgin County Courthouse - Hard Copy

Detailed case study of the Elgin County Courthouse, the 2014 Gold Award for Infrastructure winner.

The new Elgin County Courthouse in St. Thomas, Ontario, which consolidates the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice under one roof, includes eight courtrooms and three conference rooms. The new complex connects the historic courthouse and former Land Registry Office building with a modern addition that preserves and incorporates most exterior façades, the copper-roofed dome, stained glass and interior decoration features of the two heritage buildings, while including state-of-the-art technology, security, enhanced interpretation facilities and barrier-free accessibility, healthy indoor environments and energy efficiency to LEED Gold standards. The $249-million project, Ontario’s first and only AFP heritage courthouse, saved an estimated $27.1 million compared to the cost of traditional procurement.

This 30-page case study provides details on the elements that made this project the Gold Infrastructure Award winner. Information on the project includes: quick facts, procurement process, structure of the agreement, financial arrangements, risk allocation, benefits, communications, labour, monitoring, innovative features, testimonials and partner contacts.

Published: 06/2015; 30 pages.

Hard Copy Version