National And Community Opinions On P3s in Canada
National And Community Opinions On P3s in Canada

The report summarizes the results of the national poll and three new community surveys that Nanos Research conducted for CCPPP about Canadian attitudes on P3. The following are key highlights from the national and community surveys:

  • 62% of Canadians are open to public-private partnerships
  • A majority of Canadians indicated P3 support across key sectors of the economy, including transit systems (70%), roads (65%), social housing (64%) and hospitals (63%)
  • In the three community surveys (Winnipeg, Sault Ste. Marie, Moncton), a strong majority indicated support for P3s and recognized their benefit to taxpayers
  • They also agreed that these projects might not have been possible without the private sector as a partner in their design, construction, financing and maintenance

Published: 4/2014; 12 pages